TEAM Executive Board

At the institutional level, academic governance is the responsibility of the Executive Board made up of the Head of the institution and the President of Accra Business School. In Ghana, the institution is represented by its Legal Representative. The Executive Board has the final responsibility for the institution´s strategy and course development, academic operations, financial management and compliance with regulatory standards.

TEAM Advisory Board

The TEAM Advisory Board will involve professionals in the field of study and alumni. The opinion of these stakeholders will support the program’s quality assurance in terms of alignment with demand in the ministry.

TEAM Council

The TEAM Council operates as an independent democratic body and advises the Executive Board. The TEAM Council is composed of all active verified faculty members and the head of the institution and the president of Accra Business School. The TEAM Council particularly advises on academic quality assurance, enhancement, didactic approaches, digitalization, and equality and diversity.

At the Theological Education and Missions Centre (TEAM), Jesus is the centre of our mission: to equip the saints for the works of ministry by providing a practical Bible School education that combines theological knowledge with real-world experience. We believe this approach is essential for producing effective missionaries and church leaders who can positively impact their communities. TEAM is the theological department of Accra Business School.